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UASA is one of South Africa's most dynamic and fastest-growing trade unions. Organised in 30 different economic sectors and industries and actively representing close to 100 000 workers in the workplace, it primarily looks after the collective and individual rights of its members.

Any worker in the service of an employer in South Africa is eligible for membership.

As an added service to its members, UASA also works in partnership with prominent financial service providers, zealously promoting members’ collective buying power, thereby further enhancing the benefits and schemes available to members.

UASA is one of several unions affiliated to the Federation of Trade Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) which represents approximately 330 000 members at a macro level. 

UASA also plays an important role in the international labour arena, joining hands with various international federations that promote global solidarity among workers of the world in their struggle against the negative effects of globalisation of the economy.  Through it’s affiliation with the International Federation of Transport Workers (FIOST), the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), and the World Confederation of Labour (WCL), UASA has active representation at various international forums.



UASA’s aims are set out in its constitution. The constitution is available on request to active UASA members. To obtain a copy of the UASAConstitution send an e-mail to

  • To promote respect for trade union and human rights
  • To work for peace based on social justice and economic progress
  • To help its members defend their interests
  • To bargain collectively on behalf of its members
  • to establish and promote schemes that are in the best interest of the general membership.

UASA’s head office is located in Florida, Roodepoort, in the Gauteng Province, and has a chain of service centres throughout the country.



Contact UASA

Name: JPL Bezuidenhout
Tel: +27 11 472 3600


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