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Southern African Shippers Transport & Logistics Council (SASTaLC)


The South African Shippers' Council serves as a representative body of Cargo Owners in Southern Africa.


  • In the broadest sense, our objective is to represent the interests of Members throughout the total supply chain, exclusive of logistics matters related to people. This representation of interests has a baring on the members as cargo owners incusive of their internal transport and storage of products and materials.
  • The SASC will pursue only matters of principle. It will therefore not involve itself in any comecial relationship between a shipper and its logistics service provider, other than where such a relationship implies a metter of principle, not only to the specific shipper, but also to shippers in general.



Members of the Council may be any natural or legal person that carries on business and is a user of logistics - related services, in the context of transport, storage, handling, packaging and logistics support services and qualifies in terms of an involvement in the total supply chain. These organisations, through the performance of business, services and/or tasks, transport or perform logistics services irrespective of whether these services are in house services or third party provided services.

The present membership consists of twenty active companies, including the major blue chip companies, representing approx. 150 to 200 million ton cargo.

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Contact SASC

Name: LM Pelser
Tel: +27 12 663 8227


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