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South African Road Federation (SARF)

Our Vision

To be the authoritative organisation representing the broad South African Road sector

The SARF Mission

The South African Road Federation is dedicated to the entire road sector. Acting in the interest of all people and organisations involved in the sector, it promotes and effective an efficient road system for social and economic growth and, through education and training, facilitates capacity building in the road sector to meet these ends.

Aims and Objectives

SARF’s main activities centre on:

  • Interacting with Government on all road-related matters
  • Promoting the development of an effective road management system
  • Facilitating capacity building through seminars, training courses, workshops and bursaries
  • Facilitating contract and communication with all stakeholders in the industry
  • Cooperating with the International Road Federation (IRF) and other relevant national and international associates

Contact SARF

Name: Paul Nordengen
Tel: +27 11 403 5604


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