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Re-Action! Consulting

Contact: Re-Action! Consulting

Name: Petro Rousseau
Tel: +27 11 880 6993 Website:

Re-Action! Consulting

Reality: People are still not coping with daily life challenges in our society and so we are not doing enough...

Re-Action! is about embracing realities so that we become better prepared to take personal action in the most meaningful and effective ways.

We have called this response Re-Action! as a reminder of our mission to move from Readiness into Action!

READINESS is about our willingness to do and how soon we are able to do it. It is also about whether we are adequately prepared for action.

ACTION is about more than words! What you actually do in the next few days and the days that follow this is what matters!

The time has come to do things differently: it can no longer be 'business as usual' in the middle of this crisis and what we have done in the past has been 'too little, too late'


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