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Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative

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The Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative has had many incarnations since Columbus Stainless initiated its prototype in 1990.

The plant was constructed and brought into service in November 2001 and boast some of the most modern sheet metal equipment in Mpumalanga.

The Manufacturing Incubator aims to create an environment where emerging enterprises are able to be established and are able to utilise equipment which will enable them to manufacture quality products without having to invest in the equipment themselves.

We also provide the buildings and facilities normally found in well established businesses at extremely affordable rentals. The infrastructure includes qualified personnel who are able to guide the emerging enterprise ensuring a high rate of success.

One of the identified critical success factors is the ability to assist the enterprise in marketing products.

Few South Africans who go into manufacturing have the necessary skills to market and administer their enterprise in addition to manufacturing their products. The typical emerging entrepreneur is enthusiastic but lacks the multi-faceted skills to be the worker, manager, marketer and accountant all in one.

Administrative and accounting assistance is also offered to the enterprise, as well as regular training in a variety of facets of business.

Contact Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative

Name: Owen Maroleng
Tel: +27 13 246 1528

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