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Automotive Industry Development Centre


The Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) is a co-operative partner of the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative and represents the automotive industry in providing input aimed at ensuring that transport routes which offer benefits to the automotive industry become viable.

The ports of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and East London are all used by the automotive industry for the import and export of goods.

One of the AIDC’s focus areas - Supply Chain Development - addresses state-of-the-art solutions specifically adapted to address the needs of the South African automotive industry and deal with existing problems in supply logistics, production logistics and distribution logistics along the total supply chain.

The AIDC works in partnership with business, Local, Provincial and National Government, Tertiary and Further Education Institutions and other national and international organisations to provide technical services to the automotive industry across all tiers of suppliers and assemblers.

As a project-driven organisation with a focus on technical excellence and delivery, the AIDC provides accessible and affordable world-class services in the areas of skills development and training, supplier development and supply chain development.


AIDC's Involvement in the Maputo Corridor

Given the unpredictability of the weather in Cape Town, the frequent congestion at the port of Durban and distance to the ports, the AIDC investigated the viability of using other ports for Gauteng Original Equipment Manufacturers.

One of the routes that were examined was the route from Gauteng to the Port of Maputo.

In 2004, a fact-finding mission to Maputo was undertaken by industry representatives to establish whether the route is viable for inbound and outbound cargo. Although this is the closest port to Rosslyn, it was found to be sub-optimal at present, due to the need to upgrade infrastructure along the route, operating hours of the border posts and general concerns about cross-border shipment. The Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative has been established to develop the corridor in collaboration with all its stakeholders.

The AIDC actively participates in the various corridor development initiatives of the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiativeand in 2007, the AIDC launched a comparative study of the Durban and Maputo Corridor for the automative industry.


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Name: Barlow Manilal
Tel: +27 12 564 5300

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