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Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut

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The AHI is a multi-sectoral employer organisation, involved in all sectors of the economy except primary agriculture.

The organisation was established in 1942 and is one of the principal employer organisations in the country, representing members of trade, industry, mining, financial institutions and a variety of service organisations.

The AHI's head office is situated in Pretoria, with offices in the nine Provinces of South Africa.


  • To enable members to utilise business opportunities in a changing environment;
  • To positively influence the business environment in order to promote the economic interest of members and of the broad business community;
  • To promote business ethics;
  • To support a market driven economy in conjunction with all role players.

National Congress:

The National congress takes place annually in October and is the final decision making body of the AHI. During the congress, a closed internal session is held where internal affairs are dealt with, followed by an open session where relevant themes are debated.

Corporate Members:

Large national enterprises can, on invitation and at the prescribed fee, obtain corporate membership of the AHI. This membership offers, over and above the ordinary benefits, representation on the Governing Body, Board of Trustees, Chambers and Specialist Committees. Large provincial enterprises can also become corporate members in the various provinces.


Silver Business Members:

Enterprises can, on invitation and at the prescribed fee, obtain Silver Business Membership. This membership offers access to AHI benefits and indirect representation on the AHI Governing Body.

Business Members:

Any firm which endorses the mission and objectives of the AHI can become a Business Member upon payment of the membership fee. Membership provides direct access to all AHI activities.

Affiliated Members:

Organisations affiliate with the AHI at an agreed fee.


Sakekamers: (Chambers of Commerce)

Most cities and towns in South Africa have sakekamers. These sakekamers, consisting of local business men and women, affiliate with the AHI at a fixed annual fee per member.

Board Of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees is comprised of previous AHI presidents, corporate members and upon invitation, other prominent business people. The Board serves as base for reflection on the long term direction of the AHI, and is also used as a meeting place with relevant government spokespersons.

Governing Bodies:

The Governing Body is responsible for overall policy and co-ordination and promotion of AHI objectives in the interest of members and the country.

National Executive:

The National Executive is responsible for overall policy and co-ordination and promotion of AHI objectives in the interest of members and the country.



The objective of the chambers is to capture the multi-sectoral character of the AHI, to promote members' interests in specific sectors, and to ensure that value is added for members. The chambers are composed of Corporate Silver and Business members:

  • Motor and Transport Chamber

Specialist Committes:

The function of the Specialist Committees is to serve as expert forum on current affairs; to study legislation and special projects and respond to it; to provide the Governing Body, Chambers and the Management Committee with expert input; to give advice to members; and to liaise pro-actively with relevant decision makers.

The specialist Committees are composed of corporate and business members:

  • Corporate and State Governance Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Human Resources Development Committee
  • International Affairs Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Tax Policy Committee
  • Tourism Committee
  • Trade & Industry Committee
  • Economic Advisory Committee

Executive Committees:

The Executive Committee is responsible for the integration of AHI activities and the strategic utilisation of the AHI structures for the advancement of a business friendly climate. The Executive Committee deter-mines the priorities and focus areas of the AHI.

Board Of Directors:

The Board of Directors is responsible for the successful management and operational matters of the AHI and serves as management committee of the Executive Committee.


Contact AHI

Name: Henri Pieters
Tel: +27 12 348 5440

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