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Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa


The Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa (AFSA) is the voice of, and the gateway to the South African aluminium industry.

AFSA’s member companies operate in sectors of the aluminium industry that cover the full range of activities from primary aluminium production, secondary smelting [effectively scrap recycle], semi-conversion [rolled and extruded products], casting, fabrication and surface finishing.


Aims & Objectives

The South African aluminium industry focuses on:

  • Growing and developing a co-operative and outward orientated industry;
  • Being well promoted both in terms of the material (aluminium) and the industry; and
  • Adding down-stream value.

The Purpose of AFSA is:

  • To promote the use of Aluminium and the growth of aluminium usage
  • To promote the Southern African aluminium industry, regionally and internationally.
  • To promote, represent and defend the interests’ of its members.

The Key Roles of the Federation, and the sector Associations operating under the aegis of AFSA, are to:

  • Make mandated representations for members and the Industry on relevant matters and especially key national issues.
  • Promote the awareness of aluminium and its application, and promote growth and the aluminium industry with input from the industry role players.
  • Assist and participate in knowledge / technology transfer: generic technology, product development and industry information and statistics.
  • Facilitate and advise in areas of education and training at appropriate levels.
  • Facilitate, assist and support growth initiatives (in an enabling climate) both regionally and internationally.



AFSA’s marketing strategy focuses on the generic promotion of the alloys of aluminium [including the “assets” and benefits of the alloys and their specific applications], the co-ordination of the promotional activities of the sector Associations, and development of commercial and educational material.

AFSA’s technical strategy focuses on it being a knowledge reservoir for aluminium alloy applications. As relevant, AFSA interacts with educational and research institutions and relevant industry organisations, both globally and locally. AFSA has a technical library that supports the industry and has a data base of the aluminium industry of South Africa.



AFSA’s members are grouped into one or more Industry sector Associations being the Aluminium Casters, Extruders, Fabricators, Sheet Product / Building and Surface Finishers Associations.

AFSA’s Associations concern themselves with the development of their industry sectors by:

  • Holding regular meetings between industry members to deal with matters of common technical or industry interest (within Competition Act limits) and sector promotion,
  • Supporting local down stream value addition - based on locally sourced primary and recycled materials and building on successful developments in the local aluminium industry,
  • Seeking to improve and standardise industry operational standards with emphasis on quality standards such as ISO 9000:2000 and industry specific standards - continuous improvement of the industry being a primary focus,
  • Working with organisations such as the CSIR, SABS, Mintek, Universities & Technikons and relevant specialist SA Institutes that can support the Federation’s efforts,
  • Initiating and supporting research into related technology,
  • Developing education courses with tertiary education and other training institutions,
  • Ensuring government interaction regarding trade practices, duties and incentives, and
  • Forging strategic alliances with a variety of technology-based institutions, international aluminium organisations and overseas companies.

Gaining a place in overseas export markets is a major issue and AFSA works closely with the Department of Trade and Industry [and TISA especially] that provides considerable support to AFSA’s efforts and those of its members. AFSA also works closely with various other Government Departments that can benefit members’ activities.


Contact Details

Name: Mark Krieg
Tel: +27 11 453 3339


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