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Here you will find a collection of media articles from 2008 covering MCLI and the Maputo Corridor. For other years, click here.


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Dec 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Sowetan 19/12/08 New Road Open
Lowvelder 11/12/08 Border Crossing Made Easy
Sowetan 09/12/08 Project To Boost Economy
Lowvelder 08/12/08 Tighter Rules This Year At Lebombo
Business Report 04/12/08 SA Ports Losing Business To Maputo
Nov 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 28/11/08 Excellence In Business Rewarded
FTW 28/11/08 Lebombo Border Tightens Security
FTW 28/11/08 Transnets Turnaround 'Queen' Moves
FTW 21/11/08 Moz Puts Plans In Place To Balance Cargo Flow
Sowetan 19/12/08 Forging Stronger Trade Links
FTW 14/11/08 Port Of Maputo Engages With Customs To Attract Import Cargo
FTW 14/11/08 Lets Talk, Says Moz Customs
Cargo Info Africa 12/11/08 Maputo Corridor Contacts Available
FTW 07/11/08 Columbus Stainless Affirms Commitments To Maputo
FTW 07/11/08 One Stop Border At Lebombo Moves Forward
FTW 07/11/08 Resistance To Change Limits Growths For Maputo
FTW 07/11/08 Swazi Shippers Back Goba Corridor Development
FTW 07/11/08 TFR And CFM Jointly Develop Maputo Corridor
Oct 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Cargo Info Africa 30/10/08 Maputo Seafreight Volumes Reaching Critical Mass
Lowvelder 21/10/08 Stolen Vehicles Stopped At Border
FTW 01/10/08 Africa Is Not SA's Biggest Market
FTW 01/10/08 Commodities Boom
FTW 01/10/08 Full Steam Ahead For King And Sons
FTW 01/10/08 Gearing Up For 2010 And Its Not Soccer
FTW 01/10/08 Go-Freight Moves Into Project Niche
FTW 01/10/08 Logistics Milestones
FTW 01/10/08 Maputo Gears Up For Auto Industry
FTW 01/10/08 Mozambique Volumes Near Tripping Point
FTW 01/10/08 New Gantries Push Up Maputo Handling Capacity
FTW 01/10/08 Port Of Maputo On Its Way To World Class Status
FTW 01/10/08 Russian Exports Sweeten Citrus Trade
FTW 01/10/08 Security Record A Big Attraction As MIPS Extends Container Yard
FTW 01/10/08 Swazi Haulier Keen To Grow Cross-Border Business
FTW 01/10/08 Swaziland Growth
FTW 01/10/08 Swazi Rail Focuses On Keeping Costs Low
Sep 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 11/09/08 Ensuring A Corridor Of Choice
Aug 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
The Swazi Observer 25/08/08 Substantial Investment Made In Rehabilitating Railway Lines In Mozambique
The Swazi Observer 25/08/08 Mpaka Goba Route The Cheapest For Exporters
Swazi News 23/08/08 Business People Taken On Tour Of Maputo Port
Times of Swaziland 22/08/08 Joint Marketing Initiative
The Swazi Observer 22/08/08 Swaziland Railway Needs E600M Leg-Up
The Swazi Observer 22/08/08 MPDC Invests E3.7bn in Maputo Ports
Cargo Info Africa 22/08/08 Sweet Look For Mozambique Sugar
Cargo Info Africa 22/08/08 No Boom In Moz Exports Despite Start Of SADC FTA
Cargo Info Africa 21/08/08 MCLI Spells Out Its Success Formula
Cargo Info Africa 21/08/08 Maputo Port Gets The Thumbs-Up For Citrus
Lowvelder 19/08/08 Maputo Corridor On Its Way To Become First Choice
June 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 24/06/08 Sustainable Growth Envisaged For Maputo Corridor
Lowvelder 20/06/08 MCLI Discusses A Bright Future
FTW 06/06/08 Maputo Traffic Keeps Moving Despite Refugee Exodus
Railways Africa 05/06/08 Maputo Line
Export SA Magazine 01/06/08 Port of Maputo vs SA Ports
May 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines: 30/05/08 Mozambique: No Retaliation for Ethnic Cleansing 30/05/08 Mozambique: Rehabilitation of Ressano Garcis Line Almost Complete
FTW 30/05/08 Motor Industry Casts Keen Eye On Maputo Alternative
Cargo Info Africa 27/05/08 Assurance on Safety of Maputo Corridor
Lowvelder 27/05/08 40000 Flee To Mozambique
Lowvelder 20/05/08 Train Trip Salvaged By MCLI
Mpumalanga Mirror 06/05/08 Partnership Renewed
March 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Business Day 01/03/08 Gateway Potential of Port Exploited
January 2008
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 25/01/08 Petroline responds to gripes
Lowvelder 25/01/08 Fatalities are decreasing 18/01/08 SA, Moz to upgrade border post
Lowvelder 18/01/08 World Heavyweights In Maputo Partnership
Lowvelder 18/01/08 Busy Border
AIM News 11/01/08 Maputo Port - Exit Britons, Enter Arabs
FTW 01/01/08 Cross Border - Maputo
FTW 11/01/08 Cross Border - Swaziland


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