2006 Media Coverage

Here you will find a collection of media articles from 2006 covering MCLI and the Maputo Corridor. For other years, click here.


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December 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Source unknown 19/12/06 Pipeline Will Boost Economy
Lowvelder 15/12/06 Central Park Set To Dangle Big Apple
Lowvelder 15/12/06 Lebombo Border Post Hours Extended
Lowvelder 15/12/06 New Pipeline Planned
The Star 05/12/06 Japan Is The Destination Of Choice For SA Exports
FTW 01/12/06 Unacceptable Mozambique Scanning Charges Draw Screams Of Protest
www.sugar.org.za 06 South African Sugar Industry Invests In Regional Sugar Export Facility
African Decisions Issue 4 06 Going Steady - Mozambique
November 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 10/11/06 Double Victory For Local Business
FTW 10/11/06 Signs Look Positive For Maputo - Far East Service
FTW 10/11/06 Global Customs Accreditation Scheme Gains Ground
Lowvelder 10/11/06 Dollars Flow Into Maputo Harbour
FTW 03/11/06 Automotive Industry To Test Drive Maputo Corridor
FTW 03/11/06 Gauteng Maputo Rail Link Swings Into Action
FTW 03/11/06 Maputo Port Gets Ready For Action As Rail Link Kicks In
October 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 27/10/06 Suksesvolle Mens Ten Spyte Van Terugslae
FTW 27/10/06 Spoornet Commits R1.12bn To Expansion Of Iron Ore Line
Lowvelder 27/10/06 Corridors Are Our Lifeblood
Lowvelder 27/10/06 EXCO Discusses Five Projects
FTW Oct 06 'Corridors need political agreements'
FTW Oct 06 Delmas Service Opens Gateway To Far East
FTW Oct 06 'Don't Believe Swazi Recession Rumours'
FTW Oct 06 Highway Construction Promises Speedier Route To Gauteng
FTW Oct 06 Investment Needed
Lowvelder Oct 06 Lavish Government Celebrations Exposed
FTW Oct 06 Maputo And Beira Get Increased Coverage
FTW Oct 06 Maputo Container Traffic Grows By 12%
FTW Oct 06 Maputo Sugar Gets $10m
FTW Oct 06 New MACS Vessels Builds Project Cargo Capability
FTW Oct 06 Ocean-Going Barges Solve Shipping Challenges In Maputo
Lowvelder 24/10/06 Pipeline A Possibility
Sowetan Oct 06 Plans For New Petrol Pipelene
FTW Oct 06 Proven Bulk Handling Solution Into Africa
FTW Oct 06 Revised Schedule Offers Two Strings Into West Africa
FTW Oct 06 Sugar Accounts For Highest Volume Of Rail Cargo
FTW Oct 06 Trade Imbalance Creates Headaches As Exports Surge
FTW Oct 06 Viagas Continues His Mission To Reduce Rail Time
FTW 20/10/06 Maputo Spells Out Competitive Benefits
Lowvelder 13/10/06 The Minister Of Transport, Mr Jeff Radebe At The Launch Of The MFDB and MFLF
FTW 13/10/06 Sugar Exporter Switches From Durban To Maputo
FTW 13/10/06 Delmas Call Heralds A New Era For Maputo
BEELD 12/10/ 06 Maputo en Nelspruit kry Petrol-pyplyn
Mpumalanga News 12/10/06 Radebe and MEC launch Freight Data Bank
September 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Business Day 13/09/06 SA Sugar Industry Gains 25% Stake In Maputo Export Hub
Lowvelder 08/09/06 Provincial Transport Forum Put On Track
Lowvelder 08/09/06 Shipping Tycoon In Love With Lowveld
Business Times 03/09/ 06 Samancor To List In London In Expansion Move
FTW 01 Sep 06 India Service Adds Direct Maputo Call
FTW 01/09/06 Maputo Border Extends Working Hours
FTW 01/09/06 New Project Aims To Consolidate Freight Statistics
FTW 01/09/06 Questions Raised Over Commitment Of SADC
FTW 01/09/06 Rautenbach Heads Up ACOC
FTW 01/09/06 RFA Keeps Overloading Fight Alive
FTW 01/09/06 SADC Gets Closer To Regional Monetary Union
FTW 01/09/06 Spoornet Is There Anybody Home
FTW 01/09/06 Trade Fair Proves Lucrative
August 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 08/08/06 SARS Stages Country-Wide SAD 500 Workshops
FTW 08/08/06 Ramos Reaffirms Transnet's Concessioning Stand
FTW 08/08/06 KZN Tradeport Pushes Ahead
FTW 08/08/06 New Group Targets Central African And Mozambique Business
FTW 08/08/06 Re-Engineering Begins To Bear Fruit- Ramos
FTW 08/08/06 Spoornet's Indefferent Performance Supports Ongoing Migration To Road
Lowvelder 08/08/06 Trafficking gets the thumbs down
July 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 28/07/06 Maputo customs holds back on X-ray scanning of containers
FTW 21/07/06 Perishable Specialist Diversifies Into General Cargo
FTW 21/07/06 Ramos spells out Spoornet's growth targets
FTW 21/07/06 Spoornet commits to consultation with its customers
Mpumalanga Mirror 18/07/06 All-hour Mozambican borders a likelihood
FTW 14/07/06 Main business divisions record varied performance
June 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 30/06/06 Moz & SA in bilateral trade talks
FTW Jun 06 Durban needs to face up to Maputo challenge
SABC News 29/06/06 One stop border post for SA and Mozambique
AIM News Moz 29/06/06 Mozambique: Still No 24 Hour Opening of Border
BUA News 28/06/06 South Africa: Mbeki Leads SA Delegation to Mozambique
SA Gov Information 28/06/06 President Thabo Mbeki to co-chair South Africa-Mozambique Economic Bilateral Commission
Business Times 18/06/06 Drawbacks To Mega - Projects
Business Times 18/06/06 From Minefields To Mining Magnet
Business Times 18/06/06 Investors Have To Negotiate Obstacles
Business Times 18/06/06 Reforms Spur Rapid Growth Since Wars End
Business Times 18/06/06 SA Leads Pack To Invest In Mozambique
Business Times 18/06/06 Sunny Land Of Sand And Sea
FTW 02/06/06 Presidential Intervention Sought To Extend SA- Moz Border Hours
FTW 02/06/06 Soccer World Cup Accelerates Transport Infrastructure Plans
FTW 02/06/06 Three FE Lines Consider Direct Maputo Call
May 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 26/05/06 Corridor Info On CD-ROM
Lowvelder 26/05/06 There Is Light At the End Of The Corridor
Lowvelder 26/05/06 Investment Opportunities For All Lowveld Companies
MOZ Business 19/05/06 MB764 - Special Edition On Maputo Development Corridor
AIM News Mozambique 19/05/ 06 74506E  AGM Of Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
AIM News Mozambique 19/05/06 75506E  Not Hegemony, But Partnership - Chissano
allAfrica.com 18/05/06 Mozambique: AGM Of Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
Austral Consultoria e Projectos lda May 06 Maputo Hosts Key Business Conference In May
FTW 05/05/06 Direct Maputo - Far East Service On The Cards
April 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 21/04/06 Customs Stops Raise Some Hackles
FTW 14/04/06 Grindrod Buys A Piece Of Maputo
FTW 14/04/06 SAD Implementation Delayed Till October
FTW 14/04/06 SARS And Industry Reach Consensus Over VAT Issue
FTW 21/04/06 Spoornet Plans Customer Strategy Session
March 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 17/03/06 Bank Says Invest In Moz
Lowvelder 17/03/06 Corridor Enters It's Second Phase
Lowvelder 17/03/06 MDC Faces New Challenges
February 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 24/02/06 Full Steam Ahead For Maputo Corridor
FTW 24/02/06 Walvis Bay Initiative Could Create Model For Other Corridors
FTW 03/02/06 Border Post Operating Hours
Business & Finance 03/02/06 Border Posts Enter The 21st Century
FTW 03/02/06 Crof Wants Service Level Element In New Contracts With Spoornet
FTW 03/02/06 FPT Reveals Big Expansion Plans For Mozambique
FTW 03/02/06 SARS Reveals R1bn Fraud Fighting Initiative
January 2006
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 31/01/06

Tour Of Swazi Border Posts Reveals Crumbling Infrastructure

Rapport 15/01/06

Reis In Mosambiek - Sonder Omkopery

Rapport 15/01/06

Zambiee Opnuut Ontdek Deur Avonturiers


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