2005 Media Coverage

Here you will find a collection of media articles from 2005 covering MCLI and the Maputo Corridor. For other years, click here.


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Publisher: Date: Headlines:
PMR Vol 16 - 2005 PMR Africa Magazine - Vol 16
November 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 25/11/05 DoT Calls For Cohesive Input From Corridors
Lowvelder 22/11/05 Border ready for traffic
FTW 18/11/05 Spoornet and partner lose Ressano Garcia contract
FTW 14/11/05 New chief sets service priority for truckers' union
FTW 04/11/05 Prognosis looks positive for extended Lebombo border hours
Lowvelder 04/11/05 Economic vibe positive
Lowvelder Nov 05 Border-line cases
October 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 28/10/05 Calculation in a nutshell
FTW 28/10/05 Shippers dispute new BAF calculation
FTW 28/10/05 Shippers challenge rail tariff hike
FTW 25/10/05 Calculation In A Nutshell
Business Day 13/10/05 Grand plans force Transnet to go to markets to raise R25bn
Lowvelder 04/10/05 100 Coins only
September 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 30/09/05 Firms stretch hand of friendship
Lowvelder 30/09/05 Business should not cost an arm and leg
Mpumalanga News 29/09/05 Hawkers leave after final council notice
Mpumalanga News 29/09/05 Council has vital role to play in economy
Mpumalanga News 29/09/05 Corridor of certainty for Mathews Phosa
FTW 23/09/05 Vital document reveals SA's logistics strategy
FTW 16/09/05 Freight databank projects gets into gear
Business Day 06/09/05 Call For Government To Lead National Reform Plan
FTW 02/09/05 WBCG has played integral role in development of SADC
FTW 02/09/05 Phosa Sets MCLI Priorities
Lowvelder 02/09/05 Phosa Chairs Vital Corridor Meeting
FTW 02/09/05 New FTP Head Focuses On The Landside Logistics
Business Day 02/09/05 Freight Plan Set To Put Economy On Fast Lane
FTW 02/09/05 Customs Won't Enforce Proof Of Delivery Clause
FTW 02/09/05 AGOA Reports Highlights Exports Expansion Potential
Business Day 01/09/05 No Taxi Strike Over Permit Deadline Say Association
August 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Engineering News 19/08/05 Spreading A Positive Perception Of The Maputo Corridor
FTW 12/08/05 SA-MoZ Chamber Launched
Finansies 10/08/05 Uiteenlopende ervaring
Finance Weekly 10/08/05 Living Out A Lifelong Dream
FTW 05/08/05 Swazi Rail Upgrader Streamline Lubombo Route
FTW 05/08/05 Dakar Conference Spotlight Corridor Efficiency
FTW 01/08/05 Bold target set to lower logistics costs
Business Day 01/08/05 Maputo
Focus On Trucking Aug 05 Brenda Horne Founder & CEO Of MCLI
July 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Sunday Times 31/07/05 Looking Forward To World Cup 2010
Sunday Times 31/07/05 Initiative bids To Lure New Investment
Sunday Times 31/07/05 Emerging from The Shadow Of Kruger Park
Sunday Times 31/07/05 A market as warm as the weather
FTW 29/07/05 Unworkable VAT ruling under review
FTW 29/07/05 Picky' SA customs cost swazi industry dearly
FTW 29/07/05 Harbour carriers predict ongoing crisis for DCT
FTW 29 Jul 2005 Benefits of far East service adjustments begin to filter through
FTW 29/07/05 Barloworld takes on BEE partner
FTW 22/07/05 Study finds Swaziland has highest transport costs
FTW 15/07/05 Transhipments Clog Up DCT
FTW 15/07/05 Spoornet will be restructured along lines of ports
FTW 15/07/05 Spoornet to jack up capacity by 30%
FTW 15/07/05 SARS & SPOORNET commit to speedy resolution of Maputo Corridor issues
FTW 05/07/05 Zambia switches on the benefits of Trans-Caprivi Corridor
Business Day 01/07/05 The Shipping News
FTW 01/07/05 Swazi rail to switch from lease to purchase
FTW 01/07/05 Spoornet Derails Supply Chain Efficiency
FTW 01/07/05 Pilot Project Compares Corridor Efficiencies
FTW 01/07/05 Cross border rail uniformity tops Spoornet agenda
June 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
The Star 23/06/05 We're in the greatest shape ever
Business Report 23/06/05 Transnet To Beef Up Before Taking Partners
May 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Engineering News 29/05/05 Projects commissioned at Mozambican shipment facility
Business Report 27/05/05 Progress Made On Beit Bridge Bottlenecks
FTW 27/05/05 New export requirements create mountain of admin
Citizen 25/05/05 Mkapa advises Africans Against Overdependence
Lowvelder 13/05/05 Focuses on a more efficient border
FTW 13/05/05 Customs closes the door on vehicles in transit concession
FTW 13/05/05 Blatant abuse forces change of regulations
FTW 06/05/05 Swaziland To Test Drive Toll Roads
FTW 06/05/05 Southern African countries work together on infrastructure rehab
FTW 06/05/05 New Transnet Appointments Herald Turnaround Progress
FTW 06/05/05 MIPS Database Will Produce Vital Costing Info
April 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 29/04/05 WorkGroup To Address Maputo Border Constraints
FTW 29/04/05 Safmarine Keeps An Eye On Maputo Potential
Engineering News 29/04/05 Mozambican dry - port development to benefit SA com
FTW 29/04/05 Gama Gets The Go Ahead
FTW 22/04/05 Maputo stakeholders address rail, port & border issues
FTW 22/04/05 Citrus exports predicted to increase by 10
Lowvelder 19/04/05 Viva To No Visa
The Star 13/04/05 New Immigration Branch For New Laws
FTW 08/04/05 Swaziland to raise road user fees to fund infrastructure
FTW 08/04/05 Spoornet adds capacity on Durban-Joburg route
FTW 08/04/05 Maputo corridor focuses group looks at overland trans needs
FTW 08/04/05 Export week will focus on practical training
Engineering News 07/04/05 Branch - line concessions are on the cards
Business Day 04/04/05 ABSA's Unit In Mozambique On Come Back Trail
City Press 04/04/05 SA, Maputo Join Up To Boost Trade
City Press 04/0405 Lubisi Sends In The Scorpions
Mpumalanga News 02/0405 Maputo Corridor deplores lack of rail trans
FTW 01/04/05 SASC launches membership drive
FTW 01/04/05 Eskom rail plain will free up R12m in road costs
March 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 25/03/05 Project to speed up clearance on MOZ/SA border moves ahead
FTW 11/03/05 Crof applauds Gama for listening & reacting
FTW 01/03/05 Rail Link Repair Could Boost South African Iron Ore Sales
February 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 25/02/05 Spoornet focuses on supply chain efficiency
FTW 25/02/05 National salary survey offers interesting insights
FTW 18/02/05 Grindrod invests in Maputo and Walvis
Lowvelder 15/02/05 DA challenges Premier Makwetla
Business Day 14/02/05 Silent Spoornet Fires Suspended Executive
Lowvelder 11/02/05 Harbouring A Bright Future
Business Day 09/02/05 The shipping news
Lowvelder 09/02/05 Development Think Tank Filled To The Brim
Lowvelder 09/02/05 Departments In Sync
Lowvelder 01/02/05 Crossing The Border Made Easy
January 2005
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 28/01/05 WBCG seeks logistics partner
Engineering News 28/01/05 Turning Transnet
FTW 28/01/05 Swazi borders could change as royals claim back land
FTW 28/01/05 Spoornet derailed - look north for reasons
FTW 28/01/05 Sapo witholds congestion stats for now
FTW 28/01/05 Durban achieves record turnover
FTW 21/01/05 Workshops to answer queries on new wood packaging rules
FTW 21/01/05 Maputo Should Not Be Seen As A Threat
FTW 21/01/05 Maputo Port Gains Growing Recognition
FTW 21/01/05 Komatipoort Becomes Increasingly Attractive
FTW 21/01/05 Gauteng - Durban route get's lion's share of R37bn upgrade budget
FTW 21/01/05 Focus To Launch Cartage Service
FTW 21/01/05 Firm Control Of Documentation Is The Key
FTW 21/01/05 EDI Will Cut Up To Five Hours Off Documentation Processing
FTW 21/01/05 Diplomatic Corps Provides Lucrative Niche For Lebombo Clearing
FTW 21/01/5 Clearing and Forwarding Sector Drives Explosive Growth
FTW 21/01/05 Big Projects Likely To Slow Down In Moz
FTW 20/01/05 Custom Penalties Cripple Forwarders


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