2004 Media Coverage

Here you will find a collection of media articles from 2004 covering MCLI and the Maputo Corridor. For other years, click here.


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November 2004
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Lowvelder 17/11/04 Freight Databank For Mpumalanga
FTW 03/11/04 Maputo Sets It's Sights On Record Year
Lowvelder 03/11/04 Big Plans For Border Post
August 2004
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Engineering News 20/10/04 Natural Gas Pipeline Commissioning Due In May
March 2004
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
Engineering News 26/03/04 New Move to promote Maputo as an alternative trade route
FTW 19/03/04 Maputo rejects anti Durban "Sensasionalism"
FTW 19/03/04 Exports due to go paperless shortly
FTW 19/03/04 Conference will examine Auto Logistics Issues
FTW 19/03/04 Board members must be 50% black in 5 years
MOZ Business 15/03/04 Delays by Customs officials in finalising discussions
FTW 12/03/04 Maputo Border Promise 24 hr Service
FTW 12/03/04 Komatipoort Border Plaza will keep hauliers in comfort
FTW 05/03/04 Policing Cuts overloading by half
FTW 05/03/04 French Line Reveals expansion plan
February 2004
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 27/02/04 Specialist debates merits of rail regulator
FTW 27/02/04 Manuel commits R6,76bn to transport infrastructure
Ports & Shipping 23/02/04 Port of Maputo
Engineering News 20/02/04 New group to promote Maputo Corridor
FTW 20/02/04 Maputo steals a March
FTW 20/02/04 FPT reveals a R356m expansion plan
FTW 20/02/04 Duty Draw Backs demand Custom stamps
Engineering News 13/02/04 Three-pronged strategy cuts N4 toll-road overloading
FTW 13/02/04 Timber industry initiative cuts overloading
FTW 13/02/04 Spoornet addresses capacity shortfall
January 2004
Publisher: Date: Headlines:
FTW 23/01/04 Vehicle export volumes expected to accelerate
FTW 23/01/04 Port concessioning tenders "imminent"
FTW 23/01/04 Aspirant concessionaire pinpoints Durban's weaknesses
Business Day 08/01/04 Upgrade at Maputo Harbour complete


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