MCLI News 2004

Listed below are the MCLI Newsflashes of 2004. Please note that links within these newsflashes may have expired. For news from other years, click here.


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December 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 22 10/12/04 Border Crossing Made Easy Pamphlet
No. 21 08/12/04 Update on DoT Presentations CD
No. 20 03/12/04 TRAC & MIPS To Sponsor Border Crossing Made Pamphlet
November 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 19 19/11/04 Summary of DoT Forum of 18 Nov 2004
No. 18 17/11/04 Border Post Announcement
No. 17 12/11/04 MCLI represents the Maputo Corridor in view of operational efficiencies at the 30th Port Management Association of East & Southern Africa (PMAESA)
October 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 16 29/10/04 Lebombo / Ressano Garcia Border Posts open for 24 hours for passengers from 13 Dec 2004 - 09 Jan 2005
No. 15 25/10/04 Invitation to an Information Sharing Session with the DoT
No. 14 20/10/04 Important dates to diarize for all Maputo Corridor Stakeholders
No. 13 15/10/04 Sunday Times Promotes The Maputo Corridor
No. 12 14/10/04 Important Update on Nkomazi Border Plaza
No. 11 15/10/04 Tall ships regular report on Port of Maputo
No. 10 13/10/04 MPDC Newsletter
No. 9 08/10/04 Freight Logistics Strategy
No. 8 04/10/04 Freight transport operators and stakeholders of South Africa and Mozambique met with the joint road management committee to discuss implementation of the SADC transport protocol, and the bilateral transport agreement between the two countries and MCLI was there to present the views of all our stakeholders.
September 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 7 22/09/04 MCLI was invited to present the Initiative to the Executive Cabinet Committee of the Mpumalanga Government on 25 August 2004 and to participate in the Mpumalanga Government’s Industrial Summit held in Dullstroom on 20-21 September 2004;
Declaration of Summit
No. 6 08/09/04 Informal Settlers Removed by Police, Road Blasts have begun!
August 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 5 24/08/04 Efforts to making Maputo Corridor first choice
June 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 4 06/04 Fact Finding Mission To Maputo
May 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 3 05/04 MCLI in partnership with DTI through SDI
April 2004
Newsflash No: Date: Headlines:
No. 2 04/04 Dear Stakeholder of the Maputo Development Corridor
 No. 1 03/04 The News Is Out

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