Border Posts along the MDC

Border Crossing Procedures

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Mozambique / South Africa Border


Lebombo / Resanno Garcia Border Post

The Ressano Garcia Border Post on the Mozambican side and the Lebombo Border Post on the South African side represents the link between  two of the three Maputo Corridor countries that receives the largest amount of freight traffic along the Corridor.

This link has been identified as a major obstacle to the free movement of goods. As a border post, the objectives of the respective Governments centred around security, which requires hindrances to be effective.

Partially through the consistent efforts of MCLI in a Private-Public Partnership, they are slowly beginning to change that perspective to recognise its importance in stimulating mutual economic growth through trade and tourism. This consultation forum falls under the Mpumalanga Freight Logistics Strategy (MFLF) Land Transport Focus Workgroup

Three of the biggest improvements in the functional operation of border posts between Mozambique and South Africa to date are:

  • The bilateral removal of Visa requirements between Mozambique and South Africa for one another's nationals.
  • The extension of Operating Hours at the border to 12 hours per day for people and 16 hours per day for goods, with extended hours over traditionally busy periods
  • The agreement in principle to establish a One Stop Border Post (1SBP).


One Stop Border Post

A major success was guarenteed for the future of the Corridor when President Chisano of Mozambique and President Mbeki of South Africa agreed to create the first One Stop Border Post between the two countries at Lebombo / Resanno Garcia.

Development of such a 1SBP is receiving attention through a complex bilateral process, as many goverment departments, each with their own mandates and obligations are involved, inter alia, Customs (SARS / Alfandegas), Home Affairs, the Police, Defence Force & Intelligence Agencies, Agriculture, Trade and Transport.



Mozambique / Swaziland Border


Lomahasha / Namaacha Border Post

The border post closest to Maputo between Swaziland and Mozambique is situated in the north-eastern corner of Swaziland. On the Swazi side it is known as Lomahasha and on the Mozambican side as Namaacha.

The road between Swaziland and Maputo via Lomahasha / Namaacha is not part of the N4 / EN4 TRAC toll road, but is generally considered to be in a good condition. It provides access to the second biggest port for Swaziland's importers and exporters and an alternative to Richard's Bay. Port Maputo is also closer to Swaziland's urban areas than Richard's Bay in South Africa.

Opening hours can be obtained at the Mozambican Chamber of Commerce or the Mozambican Customs - Alfandegas or the Swaziland Department of Home Affairs websites.


South Africa / Swaziland Border

South Africa / Swaziland Borders along the Corridor

Swaziland links to the TRAC N4 toll road in South Africa via the Jeppe's Reef (SA) / Matsomo (SZ) border post approx. 60 km south of Malelane as well as at the Mananga Border Post approx. 70 km south of Komatipoort.