MCLI Corporate Profile

MCLI, the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative, is a non-profit organisation consisting of Infrastructure Investors, Service Providers and Stakeholders from Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland  who are focussed on the promotion and further development of the Maputo Development Corridor (MDC) as the region's primary logistics transportation route.

Our incorporation in South Africa as a Section 21 (non-profit) membership organisation (Reg. No. 2004/007466/08) positions us advantageously to facilitate inclusively between all stakeholders, public and private, across national borders, aiming to co-ordinate the views of Service Providers and Users of the Corridor, engaging primarily the governments of SA and Mozambique as well as Swaziland

  • To remove barriers along the Corridor
  • To inform the market of developments on the Corridor and
  • To market the strategic benefits and opportunities of using it, thereby making the MDC the first choice for the regions importers and exporters alike.



To become the leading corridor stakeholders coordinator, contributing to the aims and objectives of the Maputo Development Corridor. This will be achieved by working towards a logistics Corridor based on excellence - a cost-effective, continuous, reliable logistics route, creating an enabling environment for further investment and development, with positive returns for all stakeholders.



To support the development of the Maputo Corridor into a sustainable, highly efficient transportation route, creating an increasingly favourable climate for investment and new opportunities for communities along the length and breadth of the Corridor.


Strategic Objectives

  • To coordinate the views of service providers and users of the Corridor to promote development and change, making the Maputo Development Corridor the first choice for the region’s importers and exporters alike.
  • To inform the market about the Corridor and to market the strategic benefits and opportunities offered by the Corridor.



  • Coordinating initiatives and engaging the relevant authorities to contribute to the planning of service and infrastructure improvements
  • Oganising events, fact-finding missions, forums and meetings
  • Communicating progress and developments through electronic newsletters and the media
  • Promoting positive attitudes and perceptions towards the Maputo Development Corridor, and logistical benefits offered by the Corridor
  • Facilitating training opportunities, including industry cross-training of public and private stakeholders to ensure full understanding of the supply chain
  • Putting users in touch with service providers, and providing information on all aspects of how to utilise and benefit from the Corridor
  • Development of a Corridor Supporter and Service Provider Directory and website.
  • Organising strategic quarterly forums
  • Organising service provider forums

A great deal of interest and support has been shown by a wide spectrum of stakeholders across South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.

These include government departments, cargo owners, road hauliers, inter-modal operators, rail service providers, logistics companies, clearing agents, forwarding agents, shipping lines, port agents, shipping brokers, professional bodies, associations, financial institutions, border post management and officials.


Are you a stakeholder in this important Corridor?

Be committed. Become involved in spreading a positive perception of the Maputo Corridor. MCLI invites you to do just that:

  • Subscribe to MCLI membership
  • Become fully involved in MCLI activities
  • Work together to overcome remaining constraints to the full development of the Maputo Corridor as a cost-effective, highly efficient transportation route.
  • Commit to the utilisation of the Maputo Corridor so that we can achieve greater economies of scale in the use of the infrastructure.
  • Spread your positive perception about the Maputo Corridor
  • Being part of a model Corridor in the making that can be used to facilitate growth elsewhere in sub-Saharan Corridors.