About MCLI's Website

Browser Requirements

Browser windows need to be maximised. You also need a JavaScript enabled browser with your local browser security settings enabled to allow Java scripts to run. This ought not to be a problem as most newer versions of browser are already Javascript enabled. If the popup menus don't work in your browser, check your browser security settings and any additional Internet Security software that is set to prevent active content from running.

Regrettably we can't help you with this - you will need to call upon your service provider or local network administrator for further assistance. However, if you come across any broken links or pages that appear to behave oddly, please contact our webmaster.

The MCLI website was originally designed for 1024x768 desktop resolutions but has been modified to accommodate 800x600 resolutions. It has been tested in Microsoft Windows XP using the following browsers.

Browser 800 x 600 1024 x 768
Mozilla Firefox 1.5
Mozilla Firefox 2.0
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7  
Netscape 8.1.3
Opera 8.51
Opera 9.2
Safari 3.01 Beta for Windows

Known Issues

Opera prints the background by default. We have minimized this to a small frame around the website contents, though you will still see it. We recommend you print pages using another browser if you want to save ink. Opera also does not display the bottom border image of the sites tabs (MCLI and MFLF) at the top.

RSS is version 2, changed from version 0.91.



Some of the features of this site was built with useful tools generously made available to the public for free. MCLI acknowledges Rounded Cornr, Douglas Bowman's CSS Sliding Doors Technique and Braby's Maps. The Custom Search facility is powered by Google Co-op. MCLI does not warrant any accuracy for search results or of Braby's maps.

MCLI acknowledges all copyright for stock photos and photos and graphics obtained from the web wherever they were used on this site. MCLI reserves copyright for all MCLI photos and graphics.