MCLI Privacy Policy

Website Usage

MCLI may collect statistical information of visitors to our website which excludes personally identifiable information. MCLI may also request a Third Party Service Provider to collect such statistical information on our behalf. Where personally identifiable information is collected during the course of gathering statistical information, MCLI will destroy it, however, we do not vouch for the behaviour of third parties who collect statistical information on our behalf. MCLI reserves the right to monitor the usage of our website for the purpose of collecting evidence to be used for law enforcement or in legal proceedings.


Membership Application Form

A Membership Form is available for downloading for interested parties who wish to join MCLI. This membership form collects personally identifiable information of organisation representatives. MCLI does not share this information, nor any other information supplied in the Membership Form with Third Parties except where we may be required to do so by law or where consent to do was given by the respective representative / organisation.


Research Purposes

From time to time, MCLI may request a Third Party to do either academic or operational research in furtherance of our mandate. MCLI may make information available to such Third Parties, but only with the consent of our relevant members or partners and other stakeholders whose information we deem may be of benefit in conducting the research. MCLI will at no point supply any information to a Third Party without such member, partner or stakeholder consent and will also only conduct relevant research where we deem it to be of importance in principle to all our members or to one or more industrial sectors as a whole which may comprise of some of our members.

Where a Third Party requests MCLI's participation in their own research, MCLI will not make any personally identifiable or commercially confidential information available to them without the consent of our relevant members or partners. Where necessary, MCLI will refer the Third Party Researcher directly to our individual members themselves if we consider such participation to be invasive of our members' personal or commercial confidenatiality.


Email Newsletters

One of MCLI's primary means of providing our mandated services to our Members and other stakeholders is through the use of a frequent, high volume email newsletter. MCLI takes the dissemination of our email newsletters seriously as it reflects on our professionalism and relates to our credibility to be successful in fulfilling our mandate.

MCLI makes use of a Third Party Service Provider to disseminate our mass e-mail. MCLI has assured ourselves thereof that this Third Party Service Provider will keep all the email addresses of our members and stakeholders confidential, however we cannot guarentee that this will always be the case, seeing as we have no control over a Third Party's administrative and network infrastructure.

MCLI does however give our assurance never to give our member and stakeholder email addresses to any third party for any purpose other than the dissemination of our own email newsletters. At no point will MCLI ever sell these email addresses to a Third Party to raise revenue or in exchange for another service.

MCLI only sends out newsletters to recipients who request to receive it and to recipients who supply their email addresses to us during registration at one of the Events hosted by us. Recipients who wish to unsubscribe from receiving these newsletters, may do so by contacting us directly.


Known Issues

Members who are on our email list and who do not receive our newsltters must check that their local firewall or proxy server, email anti-spam software or email filtering rules do not block our newsletters.

There have been isolated instances of people who receive our newsletter even after we have removed them from our email list. In these cases we have discovered that they have typically supplied us with more than one email address and asked for only one of those email addresses to be removed from our email list. Other related problems include that they have set up email forwarding from a second email address on the list to the "removed" address or that they are members of an unafilliated distribution list (like an internal list at their workplace) that forwards MCLI's newsletters on to them, resulting in them receiving multiple copies of the same newsletter or receiving the newsletters even after they have been removed from our list.

MCLI respects the privacy of Internet Users and will co-operate in as far as we are reasonably able to do so to remove all requested email addresses from our list, provided we are supplied with all the relevant information. We do not however exercise any control over non-affiliated distribution lists and it is up to recipients to contact those email list managers directly for assistance. It is our privacy policy not to give out email addresses, so it is up to email recipients to know which non-affiliated distribution lists they are a member of.