Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative - 10th Anniversary Review & Membership Directory - page 5

Challenges and Opportunities
Message from the Chairmen
Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
Dr Mathews Phosa
South Africa Chairman
Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
Dr António Matos
Mozambican Chairman
Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
THE MAPUTO CORRIDOR is continuing to grow and play a
positive role in boosting trade in Mozambique, South Africa,
Swaziland and the entire southern Africa region. In so doing it
provides a robust platform for economic growth and enhances
the lives and businesses of all those it connects.
The Corridor could be achieving so much more, however. The
2007 Heads of State Agreement on the One Stop Border Post at
Lebombo/Ressano Garcia has yet to be implemented.
The ageing infrastructure at the border post is near bursting
point and the freight bypass road is becoming overrun with
traffic. A border post that operates for only 18 hours for non-
freight traffic and just 16 hours for freight traffic is entirely out of
step with the increasing volumes of cargo and the growing
interest in the Port of Maputo as an international trade gateway.
A 24-hour, one-stop operation would improve efficiency in
freight and passenger processing. Its implementation is urgent
and critical to the continuing economic growth of the region.
Accordingly, this remains MCLI's most important focus and we
continue to lobby and put pressure on the authorities for this
desperately needed development to become a reality as soon as
MCLI will continue to facilitate these vital engagements
between corridor users and public sector partners. But doing this
with limited resources means we must change the way we work.
We are negotiating with the SADC Secretariat to formalise the
Public Private Partnership on our corridor in a Memorandum of
Agreement between the three corridor governments and MCLI.
It is a complex but vital step in taking MCLI to a position of
sustainability. We have the technical support of SADC in
facilitating this and look forward to this important milestone in
the growth of the Corridor.
We will also build on successes to date. In a first for our
organisation, we engaged directly with our members in
interactive meetings to assess both the corridor issues and the
ability of MCLI to meet the expectations of members. This was
extremely valuable and, due to member demand, will become an
annual feature of our activities.
MCLI has also been called on to provide input into the evolution
of corridors across the Continent because of the policy push from
the African Union to ensure that corridor development drives the
implementation of the Tripartite Free Trade Area in 2014 and the
Continental Free Trade Area in 2017.
We are all indebted to the MCLI team for their support,
dedication and commitment both to the organisation and to the
vision of MCLI despite a challenging year. We are grateful too for
the continued support of our members for working together with
us to improve the economic and trade environment on the
Maputo Corridor.
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