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possesses a strong agricultural base. The production of citrus
proliferates, along with a host of other fruits, nuts, tea, coffee
and crops such as sisal, cotton, tobacco and timber.
There is an abundance of riches below ground in Limpopo too.
Diamonds, gold, platinum and other precious metals mark out
the province as one of South Africa’s largest mining areas.
Limpopo’s strategic location also makes it the key transit point
for much of the trans-South African freight bound for and from
the landlocked states of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.
The greatest stretch of the Maputo Corridor runs through
Mpumalanga, an isiTsonga word meaning “the place where the
sun rises”. Today, Mpumalanga is the key to delivering South
Africa’s electricity generating needs and is home to most of the
country’s coal-fired power stations. The province also accounts for
some three quarters of the country’s coal mining output, much of
which is exported via Port Maputo’s Matola Coal Terminal.
Nelspruit is Mpumalanga’s seat of provincial government –
Witbank and Middelburg are the other principal economic
centres. The area around Nelspuit’s main economic activities are
sugar cane production, timber, citrus, nuts and wildlife tourism,
a sector which is focused on South Africa’s largest national
conservation area, the Kruger National Park.
Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
To support the development of the Maputo
Corridor into a sustainable, highly efficient
transport route, creating an increasingly
favourable climate for investment and new
opportunities for communities along the
length and breadth of the Corridor.
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