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Corridor of power
The Maputo Corridor is more than a trade route. Thanks to the
ceaseless work of the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI),
it has become a conduit that transforms a treasure trove of
natural and manufactured riches into positive economic returns
and community benefits for all those touched by the Corridor.
The Maputo Corridor rises in the west of Southern Africa’s
most highly industrialised and productive region, Gauteng.
Meaning “Place of Gold” in the local seSotho language, the
moniker is particularly apt as traditionally it has been the
world’s largest gold-producing region.
Gauteng is a gold mine in more sense than one, however. It is
an industrial powerhouse with the highest concentration of
manufacturing and industrial production in South Africa. This
economic engine is responsible for approximately 40% of the
country’s Gross Domestic Product.
From Johannesburg, the Maputo Corridor sweeps eastward,
on past Sandton and Midrand, modern business hubs
resplendent with a plethora of corporate headquarters, through
Pretoria. and Rosslyn, with the country’s largest concentration
of vehicle manufacturers.
The route also links with the most northerly of South Africa’s
nine provinces, Limpopo, named after the majestic river that in
its time was as important to regional integration as the Maputo
Corridor is today. Straddling the Tropic of Capricorn, Limpopo
Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
The significance of the unique Maputo Corridor cannot be overstated. It does more than
connect – it establishes deep, long-lasting relationships between nations and business
communities on a regional and global scale.
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