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A fast track
to results
Inside MCLI
MCLI has gone from strength to strength since its inception a
decade ago. But the next step for the organisation will take it to
another level entirely.
“MCLI is a non-profit organisation working to make the vision of
closer economic and trading ties between Mozambique, South
Africa and Swaziland a reality,” says Barbara Mommen, Chief
Executive Officer of MCLI. “It brings together investors and all
members of the supply chain to promote the Maputo Corridor as
the primary logistics transportation route.
“But we need to be more vocal and influential at governmental
level and so we are talking with the Southern African
Development Community (SADC) about becoming a Public-Private
Partnership (PPP),” she continues. “We need to consider the
bigger picture and understand how we can really unlock the
potential of the Maputo Corridor. The first part of our job was
setting up the Maputo Corridor. That is just about complete and
now we must make the most of what we have created.”
Becoming a PPP would mark a huge change in direction for
MCLI. Taking the massive leap into the government fold should
Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative
Barbara Mommen, Chief Executive Officer, MCLI
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